Staff and Group Headshots

7 Reasons to Hire Us for Your Company’s Group and Staff Headshots

  1. On-Site Pop-Up Studio: We bring our mobile headshot station to you. What can be easier than your staff walking out of their office and down the hall to get their headshot taken.
  2. Proven Expertise: Our team has years of experience in crafting professional and captivating portraits, ensuring your brand image is in capable hands.Whether you need polished headshots or dynamic group shots, we offer a range of options to suit your company’s requirements and vision.
  3. Equipped and Ready: We come prepared with lint rollers for anything the dog may have left on your jacket, hairspray for fly away hair, blotting papers for shiny skin, & portable mirrors to be sure your final result exceeds your expectations.
  4. Customized Approach: We tailor each photoshoot to your company’s unique style, ensuring that your headshots and group shots reflect your brand’s personality and your company’s culture.
  5. Effortless Process: Our streamlined process takes care of all aspects, from scheduling to shooting to file delivery, making the experience efficient and hassle-free for you and your team.
  6. Trusted by Brands: Renowned brands have chosen us, a testament to our consistent delivery of headshots that capture the essence of companies’ identities.
  7. Versatility: Whether it’s formal corporate headshots or creative team portraits, we offer a range of styles to match your company’s specific requirements.We can even do a group photo using our group solutions method where everyone does not need to be present on the same day.
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Team Headshots Include

  • Onsite portable photography studio to your business location (10×10 open space required)
  • One final high resolution headshot per staff member –
    Professionally retouched.
  • Multiple poses and expressions to choose from.
  • Facial coaching for the most flattering results.
  • Instant viewing and selection of your images (this allows us to take additional photos if you would like to change up your expression).
  • Organization of the complete staff’s digital files using alphabetical order starting with last name.
  • Low resolution conversion on all selected files upon request (Let us know at before or at the time of the shoot).
  • Link to private online gallery for delivery.
  • Custom online calendar for your staff to schedule the time slot for their headshot-upon request.
Team Headshot FAQs

1. What’s the Process for Scheduling On-Site Headshot Sessions?

First, we will determine the number of individuals scheduled for photography. Second, we’ll inquire about any planned clothing changes. Third, we’ll assess the required time and provide access to our online scheduler, displaying real-time availability. This allows you to coordinate with your staff and select the most suitable day for scheduling.

We will guide you step by step the rest of the way.

2. What’s the Ideal Setup Space Needed for the Photo Session?

Ideally, a 10×10 open area suits our needs. Yet, there are moments when we wind up in conference rooms where the tables seem to have taken root. Not exactly the spacious setup we desire, but we’re quite crafty at adapting to such situations when needed.

3. Can you match the current photos on the website?

Certainly, my goal is to ensure that the headshots I capture maintain consistency with the existing photos on your website, maintaining the professional aesthetic for your company.

4. What Equipment or Setup Will You Bring?

Our portable studio setup includes 1-2 lights, a camera, posing stool, step stool, 2 reflectors, a laptop, and either a pop-up 5×7 background or a full-length background, depending on the job specifics.

5. Can we photograph everyone’s headshots in the company even if they are not all available on the same day?

Certainly! Initially, we can arrange the first headshot session at your office, targeting a time slot when the majority of your company will be available. Following that, we’ll schedule a second time slot on a different day to accommodate the remaining staff members. We can set this up with scheduling software so everyone can sign up for a timeslot that works best for them.

6. Can you shoot group or team photos for each department?

Yes, we can. Inform us ahead of time during the scheduling process so that we can arrange additional timeslots to accommodate each group accordingly and create a workflow plan for your session date.

7. What Should Employees Wear or How Should They Prepare for the Headshot Session?

For business headshots, opt for professional attire such as a well-fitted suit, dress shirt, or blouse in solid colors or subtle patterns that complement your complexion. Avoid bold patterns, overly casual clothing, and accessories that might distract from the professional appearance you want to convey.

If your company has a dress code, send an email to your staff, ensuring to incorporate your company’s dress code guidelines while notifying them about the scheduled headshot session day. Tips on preparing for the session will follow once the booking is confirmed.

8. Is Image Retouching Included in the Service?

Yes it is. We offer our standard retouching service for your purchased headshots which includes reducing fine lines, minimizing shine, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, and addressing minor flyaway hairs. If you choose to hire on-site professional hair and makeup, they will address the majority of these concerns.

9. How Long Will It Take to Receive the Edited Photos?

We have variable turnaround times—ranging from same-day to three-day options—depending on the need for a digitally inserted background or superimposed element.

10. Do you have a recommended hair and makeup artist?

We recommend the following 2 companies:
Abie Mae Beauty 702-401-8090
Makeup in the 702 702-301-1912.

Be sure to hire them directly and reach out for their current pricing.

11. Can You Provide References from Previous Headshot Sessions?

Absolutely, we can provide references and sample galleries from our past sessions upon request.

12. Can you shoot headshots at our annual summit or conference?
Absolutely. We can set up a station and produce high quality headshots that align with your brand. Feel free to share more details such as the size and location of your conference so that we can accommodate your event’s schedule.

Additional Samples of Our Client's Backgrounds

Explore additional staff headshots by selecting any thumbnail in the gallery.

While many clients prefer a classic light or dark gray background, we provide a variety of solid colors, textures and can even create custom digital backgrounds tailored to your business.  

As an additional option, we can also create a background using your brand colors and logo.

Some backgrounds are exclusive to specific client's use.

Team & Staff Headshot Pricing

Headshot Station at your Indoor Office Location with Background

This option is a more tailored experience where we spend extra time posing and letting each person select their favorite from a monitor to be prepped for retouching.*$500 minimum fee applies.

4 - 10 people
$150 per person

Set aside 1 hour for shooting time. 5 min person.

$150 per person
11-20 people
$130 per person

Set aside 2 hours for shooting time. 5 min per person.

$130 per person
21-30 people
$120 per person

Set aside 2.5 hours for shooting time. 5 min per person.

$120 per person
Contact Us
Contact Us

Teams larger than 26 may require a custom quote or qualify for a high-volume group rate.

Read More Information about Headshots

*Includes 1 retouched image of client’s choice delivered in an online gallery in digital file format.

Delivered in high resolution for print and low resolution for email signature/LinkedIn. Each person chooses an image on site. Additional headshots can be purchased for $100 each.

*Extended time beyond what is recommended: $150 per hour.

*Background extraction with colored digital background replacement $25 per image. Clients have the option of purchasing stock digital background to drop in as alternative or they can select from our current selection.

*We need a minimum of 10×10 ft of indoor open space (without furniture) to set up lights, background a laptop.

*Let us know your preferred background HERE

*All unedited RAW or unedited jpeg digital files from your session can added as for an additional $1500.

A Professional hair and makeup artist is always suggested for best results to apply“Camera Ready” hair and make up just prior to each team member before they step in front of the camera. There is nothing like looking and feeling your best right before you are photographed.

We suggest Abie Mae Beauty 702-401-8090 and Makeup in the 702–702-301-1912. Be sure to hire them directly and reach out for their current pricing.

Need More Information?

Environmental Headshot Sessions

Environmental headshot sessions usually take place at your commercial location such as your office, office building lobby, restaurant, office building outdoor grounds, warehouse, or another type of job site.

They provide a unique alternative to the traditional studio background or can be added as an extra upgrade to your traditional headshot session for a variety of looks and uses for your business.

These expertly captured images function as potent marketing assets, elevating your brand’s reputation and leaving a lasting impact on guests. By showcasing the elegant office design, well-planned meeting areas, and inviting outdoor environments, these photographs effectively convey your brand’s character, principles, and commitment to delivering an outstanding experience. When clients and stakeholders encounter these visually captivating depictions of your workspace, it fosters positive impressions and instills confidence in your business’s capabilities.

Group Composite Photography

Group Composite Photography, also referred to as Group Solutions, tackles the logistical challenges of gathering your entire staff or team at your business for a group photo.  Coordinating busy schedules for a single photoshoot can be challenging and this approach provides the optimal solution.  

This technique involves photographing individuals separately and later merging them using digital editing, creating a cohesive group image without the need for everyone to gather simultaneously.  It’s an ideal solution for busy professionals, crowded spaces or limited areas with a large number of people.

This method allows the addition of new team members and removal of departed individuals without requiring a full reshoot. New employees seamlessly join the composite, ensuring an updated team photo without the hassle of arranging frequent group photoshoots every time there is a personnel change.

Composite Photography is excellent for combining separate department or team photos within the company, enabling the creation of a new composite without needing an additional team photo shoot.

During this session, we’re able to produce personalized headshots for each individual, serving as a valuable company asset for various professional purposes such as email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, business cards, and any other business-related materials requiring an individual headshot.

For this shoot, we suggest updating annually or biannually for companies with 5-20 individuals and quarterly for those with more than 20 members.

*The Fencing Specialists company group photo to left was updated several times over a 2 year period keeping the group photo up to date with the Group Composite technique.

Group Composite Photography Pricing

$250 per person with a $500 minimum at your office location or lobby.

No studio set up fee.

Additional Information

$100 for any additional head shots.

Pricing is based on the continuous time we schedule out for the session.

$150 per hour for extending time beyond what we recommend.

$50 Graphic Design Fee applies for the removal of person(s) and the adjustment to tighten up the group. The fee will be waived if we are taking photographs of new hires during that period.

$500 Additional Group Composites of various teams. 

Example:  Your company of 30 people has already been photographed for one large, composited group. You have 3 different departments containing 10 people each that need their own group shot composited.  $500 x 3 departments for a total of $1500 for those additional group composites.

Group Composite Photography FAQs

1. What is the process to book Group Composite Photography?

Initially, we’d like to arrange a brief 5-minute call to discuss general aspects related to this session. Following that, a questionnaire to gather more detailed information and finally a scheduling link will be provided to book the session.

2. How does Group Composite Photography work?

It involves capturing individual photos of team members and then digitally merging these images into a unified group photo. Each person is photographed separately, and the final composite is created through editing software.

3. What is the benefit of composite group photography over traditional group photos?

Composite group photography offers flexibility by allowing individuals to be photographed at different times and locations. It also permits easy additions or replacements of team members without requiring a full reshoot. It also prevents individuals in the back row from appearing smaller than those in the front and ensures they aren’t obstructed from view.

4. Can we schedule for two different days or at two different locations due to the unavailability of everyone on the same day?

Yes, composite group photography is adaptable.

5. How long does it take to receive the final composite image?

Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks to receive the finalized composite depending on the total number of individuals involved and the complexity of the editing.

6. What should participants wear or prepare for the headshot session?

It’s advisable for participants to wear professional attire that aligns with the company’s branding or dress code. Simple, solid colors work well, and it’s essential to maintain a neat and professional appearance.

7. How long do you need to photograph each individual?

We need approximately 10 minutes for each person. This allows them to select their favorite image for their headshot as well as jump back in front of the camera if needed.

8. Who selects each person’s photo for the large group photo?

The photographer will choose each person’s photo that will get inserted into the group. We base our choice off your choice from your chosen headshot. Putting together the group photo requires skill. It’s like a puzzle: some face forward, others angle left or right for a smooth blend. Picture this: if everyone chose the same right-angled shot, it’d be quite bizarre! But don’t worry, if your expression in the group photo doesn’t suite you, we’ve got your back! We can swap out the face for a different photo.

9. Can individual retouching or editing be requested before inclusion in the composite?

Yes, standard retouching is included and consists of reducing fine lines, minimizing shine, brightening eyes, whitening teeth and addressing minor flyaway hair.

10. Do you have a recommended hair and makeup artist?

We recommend the following 2 companies:
Abie Mae Beauty 702-401-8090
Makeup in the 702 702-301-1912.

11. Are there limitations to the number of individuals that can be included in the composite?

There are no limitations. Composite group photography can accommodate a wide range of team sizes. Whether it’s a small team or a larger corporate group, the composite can be tailored to fit the needs of the organization.

12. Can the composite image be provided in different formats and sizes for various uses?

Yes, the final composite image can be delivered in multiple formats and resolutions suitable for web use, print materials, or any other specific requirements the client may have.

13. What’s the process for adding new team members to an existing composite?

Just contact us to set up an appointment. We suggest updating annually or biannually for companies with 5-20 individuals and quarterly for those with more than 20 members. We’ll return to your location and arrange the setup to avoid multiple staff members having to leave the office.

14. Can separate composites be created for different departments or teams within the organization?

Absolutely, composite group photography allows for the creation of separate composites for different teams or departments, offering flexibility in showcasing various divisions or groups within the company structure.

15. How much time and space will be needed for the set up?

We will need 60 minutes prior to your appointment start time and a 15×15 open area since we are photographing each individual full length.However, if space is limited, a 10×10 open area can work with some adjustments on our end. Yet, there are moments when we wind up in conference rooms where the tables seem to have taken root. Not exactly the spacious setup we desire, but we’re quite crafty at adapting to such situations when needed.

16. What Equipment or Setup Will You Bring?

Our portable studio setup includes 1-2 lights, a camera, posing stool, step stool, 2 reflectors, a laptop, and a full-length (7ft wide x10ft high) background.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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