High School Seniors

"The Senior Experience: Your Story, Your Scene, Done Right”

High School Senior Photo

Downtown LV and
Art District Combo

This location has a lot to offer with its interesting urban feel, brick buildings, graffiti walls and other features that change often throughout the year. Most clothing styles can be worn for this area. Session fee price below.


Big City

This session takes place at a few select locations on the Las Vegas Strip to get the look you love. Whether you love the sparkling Vegas lights, subtle non-flashy areas with flowers and fountains or some of the beautiful architectural areas then this is the session for you. This session provides many looks that we can adjust to your liking. Session fee price below.


The Meadow

This area near Red Rock Canyon provides beauty any time of the year. There are seasonal water features along with sections of richly toned desert plants that illuminate off the red mountain backdrop. Session fee price below. *Add the Red Rock Overlook to this session: $50


Mt. Charleston

Sessions in this area are always at least 20-30 degrees cooler than any of the other session offerings. It’s a great place to go to beat the heat. The forest provides some shade along with streams of sunlight for those interesting sun flare photos in a beautiful landscape of bristlecone pines and aspen trees. Session fee price below.


The Tuscany

Lake Las Vegas Village offers a variety of looks for your session with its fountains, glistening lake, and rich toned cobblestone streets. A replica of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge sits over the lake, bringing together this beautiful European themed landscape. A $50 location fee to the property management company is already included in this session fee price.


Ghost Town Adventures

This old mining town has been featured in several movies including “3000 Miles to Graceland”. It has endless props, buildings and signage dating back to the 1800’s. Old gas pumps, vintage cars, barns and even a plane are just a few of the unique pieces that enhance this location. Plan to block off an additional 2 hours of total travel time for this incredible location. Souvenirs, drinks, and snacks are available. Session fee price below.


Pick Your Location

You may have a location that you love, that is not on our Session Location Menu. Let’s go over the details of your favorite location. Session fee price below.


High Scool - Studio


Select up to 4 outfits for your indoor studio session. This is also where we do our Extreme Sessions for our clients that are involved in sports, dancing, gaming, reading and just about any other activity that you enjoy. We do not supply cap and gowns but you are welcome to bring your own. Session fee price below.

Not Available

The Room View Experience

You will view your images for the first time at our office on our 65 inch flat-screen. We will put all of your images in a slideshow that is customized to music before making all of your favorite selections.

Our modern software allows you to make your portrait selection with ease where a variety of croppings, side by side comparisions, and wall portrait groupings will be shown, ensuring that you are getting the perfect portraits for your home. You will even see an album layout with your very own images.

Dragonfly is able to make your portrait selection process more customized by using the actual walls in your home. There is no more guessing as to what size you think you may need. Our software allows us to take a selection of your favorite images and size them to your liking on the photos of your own walls.

Room View senior wall

Senior Session Inquiry

Someone from our studio will contact you within 24-48 hours of filling out this inquiry form.  Thank you.

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