High School Senior Photoshoot Checklist For Guys

Las Vegas offers so many options and locations for high school senior photography.  So how do you know what to wear and how to prepare?

This checklist covers everything from choosing comfortable yet stylish outfits that reflect your individuality to essential items like water, and personal props that highlight your hobbies and achievements.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help you get ready and look your best.

1. Outfit Selection

Choosing the right outfits is crucial for a successful photoshoot. Plan for a variety of looks to showcase different aspects of your personality.

Casual Outfit:

  • Top: Solid color or subtly patterned t-shirt or polo shirt.
  • Bottom: Well-fitted jeans or chinos.
  • Shoes: Casual sneakers or loafers.

Semi-Formal Outfit:

  • Top: Button-down shirt (solid color, plaid, or subtle stripes).
  • Bottom: Khakis, chinos, or dress pants.
  • Shoes: Dress shoes or clean sneakers.
  • Optional: Blazer or sports jacket.

Formal Outfit:

  • Top: Dress shirt (white or light color).
  • Bottom: Suit and tie (optional but recommended for a classic look).
  • Shoes: Dress shoes.
sr guy formal

School Spirit Outfit:

  • Top: School jersey, t-shirt, or hoodie.
  • Bottom: Jeans or shorts.
  • Shoes: Athletic shoes.

Hobby/Interest-Based Outfit:

  • Sports: Sports uniform or equipment (e.g., football jersey).
  • Music/Art: Outfit that represents a hobby (e.g., band t-shirt).
sr guy hobby

2. Accessories

Accessories can enhance your look but should be used sparingly to avoid distraction.

  • Watch: Choose a classic or modern style depending on the outfit.
  • Jewelry: Minimalist jewelry like a ring, bracelet, or necklace.
  • Belts: Match the belt with your shoes.
  • Sunglasses: Optional, for a few shots to add variety.

3. Grooming and Personal Care

Proper grooming is essential to look polished and confident in your photos.

  • Hair: Get a fresh haircut a week before the shoot. Style your hair appropriately on the day.
  • Face: Clean-shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair. Moisturize your skin to keep it looking healthy.
  • Nails: Clean and trimmed nails.

4. Props

Including props can add a personal touch to your photos, reflecting your interests and achievements.

  • Sports Equipment: Football, basketball, baseball bat, etc.
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar, violin, etc.
  • Academic Props: Books, notebooks, graduation cap.
  • Other Hobbies: Art supplies, gaming controller, etc.

5. Location and Background Considerations

Choose locations that complement your outfits and reflect your personality.

  • Outdoor Settings: resorts, urban areas, private grounds with permission, iconic Las Vegas areas.
  • Coordinate Props and Backgrounds: Ensure your props and backgrounds complement your outfits.

6. Final Checks

Make sure everything is in place for the photoshoot.

  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure all clothing fits well and is comfortable.
  • Ironing: All clothes should be wrinkle-free.
  • Lint Removal: Use a lint roller to remove any dust or pet hair.
  • Backup Clothing: Bring an extra set of clothes in case of any mishaps.
  • Personal Confidence: Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable.

7. Posing Practice

Practicing poses can help you feel more relaxed and natural during the shoot.

  • Research: Look up poses online that you like.
  • Practice: Try a few poses in front of a mirror to see what looks best.

8. Communication with Photographer

Effective communication with your photographer can make a big difference in the outcome of your photos.

  • Discuss Your Goals: Share your outfit choices and any special requests.
  • Coordinate on Props and Backgrounds: Make sure the photographer knows what you plan to bring and the settings you want.

9. Don’t Forget these Last-Minute Items

  • Flat slip-on closed toe shoes that you can quickly change in and out of for walking to the next area.
  • Water and a snack
  • Jacket or coat depending on the weather. The desert can get chilly and windy at a moments notice.
  • Hairspray for breezy days
  • A garmet bag with your clothes on hangars to keep them protected and wrinkle free
  • A bag for your shoes, phone and wallet
  • Bring your furry friend along if they are allowed at the location of the session.
sr guy dog


Preparing for your high school senior photoshoot doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With this checklist, you’ll be ready to capture your senior year in style. Remember to choose outfits that represent your personality, pay attention to grooming, and communicate clearly with your photographer. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the experience—these photos are a celebration of your achievements and a glimpse into your future.

Don’t forget to react to the photobombers as they always add a little fun and spice to the photos.

Sr guy photobomb

Be sure to reach out if you have questions or are interested in senior portraits.

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