Green Screen and Composites

Creative and Realistic Green Screen Uses:

A great feature of green screen is your company’s group photo.  Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone’s schedule aligned to be there at the same time. Let’s face it.  There will always be someone that calls off the day of the session or one week later there is a new hire and now they are missing from the group shot.  The green screen option will always allow your company’s group to be current.  As people retire or leave the company they can be removed.  Here is the best part.  Everyone doesn’t need to be there at the same time.

Green screen sessions can really come in handy to put you at a location that you may not have access to. Some great examples would be secure server room, an outdoor area that may be too far to travel or perhaps you want the option to change out the colors of your background periodically.

If there is an existing background or look you are wanting to match please let us know before your session while we are in the planning process.

Professional hair and make up is always suggested when you are in front of the camera.  When you look good, you feel good and your smile will really show it.

Green Screen Services:

Many of the companies we work with have graphic designers on staff.  However, Dragonfly provides services that can be performed to get you the type of digital file that you need even if you don’t have your own graphic designer.

  • Shoot to green screen
  • Extract green screen and provide a layered PSD file.  This allows the client that has some photoshop skills the ability to drop in their own digital background of choice.  Stock photo sites are perfect for this if you don’t have your own.
  • Extract green screen and insert client into digital background provided by the client or stock image. Delivered in PSD or jpeg.
  • Turn around times will vary based on the complexity of each project. The client is responsible for stock photo fee & usage terms.

Hair and Make-up Artist Recommendations:

Amelia C & Co: 702-749-4411
Veronica Robles: 702-371-4417
Makeup in the 702: 702-301-1912

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